Our Services

Installation + Service!


For people living in Saint Petersburg – call of a master in any convenient time and place of the city!


For victims of a theft who want to install our innovative protection, we offer:


– Cases of mirrors in assembly, keeping the factory manufacturer option in accordance with the colour of the car;

– Moldings, parking sensors (in accordance with the colour of the car)

– Restoration of electrical braid mirrors, parking sensors;

– Engraving, without the removal of the mirror inserts;

– On-site repair, if necessary;


For those customers, who were affected by a theft partly – spare parts, components for wind mirrors, parking sensors, moldings (mirror inserts, turning motors, casings, carcasses, frames, connectors, turn repeaters, electrical braids, etc.)

Please call no less than 1 hour in advance and inform us about:



-Contact phone number

-State number or Vin-number of the car



Installation time is between 20 and 40 minutes.