Marking glasses

Marking glasses of auto


The cheapest and most effective way to protect cars

Putting Vin-numbers on all the car windows, mirrors and lights lead to the following loss of interest in hijacking.
Statistics of the insurance companies proves that the theft of protected cars by labeling Vin-number has reduced significantly. It is also much easier to find such a car. When a theft is picking up a car to steal, it is impossible not to notice the labels and the year when a car was manufactured. The most dangerous moment for a theft is when it comes to risk of being caught red-handed during the drive to the “stump”. When the police is trying to find the car, it is very easy for them to recognize it and return to the owner. However for the future use or selling, the owner has to invest time and money in order to replace these items. Disassembling of the car will be nothing but loss of any benefit and profit.

We are willing to do the work on-site at your address under all weather conditions including the subzero temperature.

Exclusive Heated Mirror Inserts with the turn sign inside the insert and the sphere and blue chrome anti-glare.


The product is certified. Factory quality. If you have the original substrate (plastic backing), we will produce Mirror Inserts for any model of a car in the shortest possible period of time.

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  1. Hazem Mamdouh /

    I need to save my car’s mirrors from thieves. I’m from Egypt. My car is Toyota yares hatchback 2013

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