Marking mirrors

Mobile Computer marking, art laser engraving as the 4th degree protection.

Unlike engraving by mechanical boards, methods of application of text and images mentioned above do not lead to the loss of glass structure or micro cracks formation under the influence of temperature changes or water pressure when washing the car.

This is crucially important for mirrors with auto dimming “Chameleon”. Basis for “Chameleon” is the dark liquid, which is situated between the amalgam and the external engraving glass that is only 3 mm. Subsequent loss of impermeability of this dark liquid leads to changes in colour into yellow and blue, and to the formation of air bubbles. As a consequence, all these factors lead to the loss of “Chameleon” function. Average life of “Chameleon” mirror engraved by mechanical drill is approximately 6-12 months.

We offer a new service of the 4th degree protection in the form of:

  1. Mobile Computer labeling

If you choose this type of labeling, we will do it at any location, which will be convenient for you, without removal of mirror inserts with the same quality as you can see in the photos.

The only thing you have to do is to inform us in advance about the format:

– Your state number, vin- number, any text of letters ad numbers

– The width of the lettering

– The height, slope, width and font version

– Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, ellipsoid, etc. inscription version

Below there is an example of the quality of such a method:

Mobile Computer marking


2. Artistic Laser Graving

This type of the method involves removal of the mirror inserts for the following loading to the laser, and let working with all popular graphic formats. The same as with individual tattoos, but on the mirror. Upon the condition of maintaining side-view mirror, we could make any size of the photo you want (including your 3 x 4 picture or the photo of your bellowed pet), image, picture, and characters while keeping all the shades.


Possible resolution of text symbols – 1mm. Below there is an example of this type of method.

Mobile Computer marking



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